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How do I sell my bike?

Simply fill in the short form and receive a prompt valuation back. To go ahead you simply send your item to us, or drop it off at your trade in store. You can opt to use our partner CycleSent for an easy shipping experience at your cost.

Rating the condition of my bike?

There are four different condition ratings. A, B, C, D as below which will impact the value of your bike. It is important to get this right as it impacts the value of your used bike if the trade in store or authorised buyer of the used bike deems the condition to have been selected incorrectly then we reserve the right to amend the condition rating and as such your valuation will be changed.

A: New or as new. No mechanical or aesthetic defects.

B: Good condition. In good mechanical and aesthetic condition.

C: Average condition. In working condition and average aesthetic condition.

D: Below average. Well worn and has some issues.

Do you buy bikes and parts?

We currently only purchase bikes. We like to specialise in quality brands and offer competitive purchase prices. We will be purchasing used bike parts in the near future, and will offer part exchange facilities for your used bike parts.

How long does the process take?

Our service is quick, and hassle free. Both Flatout and our selected partner buyers offer you a price for your item, and you can either accept or decline. If you accept then you arrange the shipping with the dealer or drop it at their store. Otherwise you can use CycleSent to arrange collection of your old used bike.

Can I part exchange?

Yes, you can part exchange against any stock, where the dealer in question has opted in to part exchange service which will be clearly marked on their offer.

Does Flatout purchase stock?

Yes, we do purchase used bikes, however our buying partners can also purchase your used bike. It will be made clear in the offer which company is the buyer.


When you sell or part exchange with Flatout you will be guided through the shipping process. You will be asked whether you want to drop in store or ship.
If you want to ship then you will have the opportunity to ship the bike yourself in which case you print out the valuation details and include this in your shipment. Alternatively you can use CycleSent, and you will have the ability to order a bicycle box and packaging. CycleSent will ask for all of the shipping information required when you opt to ship with CycleSent. Again you would print and include your valuation details so that the receiver knows exactly whose bike has arrived with them.

The process

Once the bike arrives with the receiver whether it is dropped off or shipped, the store will check your bike for theft, so please provide proof of ownership where possible. They will health check your bike and then hand over the new bike to you in store, collecting any balance to pay. Or they will ship your new bike to you, before collecting any balance to pay.


Buying: If you are buying a new bike you simply pay the partner store and have your new bike shipped or collected.

Exchanging: You pay the balance (if there is one) directly to the dealer. Your new bike can be shipped or collected as you prefer.

Selling: If you are selling your used bicycle for cash you will be updated via email and in your account area that your old bike has arrived with Flatout or the verified buyer. Once arrived the bike is health checked, again you will be updated. Payment authorisation is then sent to accounts which will mark your item as paid, again you will be updated via email and in your account area. In total we allow up to 14 days for payment to be made once your bike has arrived with us. We are working to decrease this time as we can.