Pre-owned bikes coming soon

Due to land soon, we want to offer a selection of the best pre-owned used bikes you’ve ever seen!

Our pre-owned bikes will follow a strict process, with accompanying 12 month warranty for piece of mind. This will be included on all of our used bikes for sale.

The used bikes will be quality and health checked by expert mechanics to ensure that your next used bike is in a fully serviced condition with no expected issues or costs over the coming months.

Once the mechanic has checked and serviced every moving part on your bike, it will be advertised for sale with Flatout under the used bikes for sale header. Here you will be able to browse a great range of used bikes before adding it to your basket. If you want to take advantage of our part exchange offer you can do that too!

The bike will then go through a multi point pre-delivery inspection, before being wrapped up, and packed up for shipment.

Receiving your new Pre-Owned bike

You might have bought a used mountain bike, used road bike, or other used bike, it doesn’t really matter which, all of our bikes go through the same process and you’ll be excited to see the bikes are well packed.

When you receive the bike you will have the opportunity to check over the condition and fit, to either go for your first ride or return the used bike if it’s not what you are looking for. If you decide to return your used bicycle you will be able to exchange the bike for another used bike, or have a full refund, the choice is yours.

Advantages of buying a used bike are there for all to see! If you are on a budget you can get more bang for your buck. However, there are many pitfalls that can be expected when buying off a marketplace or classified ad. Due to the history of Flatout (almost 10 years now!) buying and selling used bike parts and used bikes, we pack the knowledge and experience to offer cyclists a safe environment to save some cash, buy a pre-owned fully serviced used bike, with warranty and ultimately piece of mind.

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