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A much-loved classic of the Brompton Line, the T5 may be discontinued, but the model still makes an appearance on London’s busy streets and scenic cycle-tracks. Marrying good looks and astonishing performance, the T5 is still fondly remembered by amateur and hardcore cycle enthusiasts the world over.

So, why is it worth considering a Brompton T5 and what should you know before making a purchase? Let’s take a quick look…

What is a Brompton T5?

First released in late 90s, the T5 branches out from the Brompton L design - providing all-terrain support alongside reliable urban handling. The standard T5 was a touring model that came with a traditional handlebar shape and multiple-speed gear hub that included an in-built derailleur gear system. Most models also came with a custom mudguard and rack option for added storage options; allowing it to be customised to a high degree by Brompton brand equipment or off-the-rack gear.

This makes the T5 a solid pick for individuals looking for a rounded riding option that isn’t limited to paving and tarmac. A well maintained T5 is still a great choice for collectors and second-hand buyers on the lookout for a time-tested bike to take to work, holidays, or to add a little adventure to weekends away.

Are older Bromptons good quality?

Any quality bike that’s well maintained will hold its value and Bromptons are exceptionally good at not only holding but increasing their worth if cared for correctly. Bromptons are designed from the ground-up to be durable, while their capacity for folding and safe-storage makes them much less likely to endure the knocks and scrapes that other road bikes often carry. Each Brompton is also thoroughly quality tested before sale and any reliable vendor will fully test the bike to ensure that it is not only road-safe but operating at peak performance.

If you choose to re-sell your bike, there is a massive enthusiast market that is keen to snap up a well-cared for Brompton bike for sale, with many urban commuters more than happy to pay close to full price for your thoroughly pre-loved model.

What should I know about the folding mechanism?

This is arguably one of the most robust elements on any Brompton. The bike’s folding mechanism is a true USP for the company and designed to endure steady, constant wear. Each model folds up by releasing and securing four key mechanisms on the frame. The first is a clasp on the back of the frame and the second is a clip that locks the two wheels into place. The handlebars and seat are then socketed home through two clasps – massively reducing the dimensions of the bike.

While this may seem complicated, the task can be completed in under 30 seconds - making it perfect for busy high-streets, crammed tube stations, and more.

If you want to learn more about our range of Bromptons, you can check out our regularly updated catalogue from here. Or if you have any questions or queries, you can get in touch with our team directly and let us know exactly what you need to make the right purchase for you.