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What is a Brompton Bicycle?

Established in 1976, Brompton is a leading designer of foldable bikes that combine high quality, performance and extreme utility. Founded by Andrew Ritchie, the designer spotted an appetite for an alternative to lugging around heavy fixed-frame bikes in urban environments. This led him to create his patented collapsible design that has remained largely unchanged for years. The line quickly acquired an iconic reputation upon release and owning one has become a status symbol for environmentally conscious City workers and tech professionals. The company produces around 40,000 bikes a year to meet local and international demand, making Brompton the biggest suppliers in the UK, but owning a model is still within everyone’s reach.

Simply put, if anyone is asked to think of a foldable bike…they’re likely picturing a Brompton, London bike, and kicking through the rain. Even with this storied history, Brompton has continuously worked towards updating their materials with titanium and other novel materials – making their bikes hard-wearing, safer, and refined to the point of near perfection.

Why is the Brompton L5 so popular?

There are fewer bikes more iconic than the Brompton L5. First produced in the late 90’s the ‘L’ denotes that the bike is lightweight - making it perfect for navigating city streets folded up and on-foot or picking your way through packed traffic. The ‘5’ denotes five fixed gears, letting cyclists navigate hilly terrain with ease - something that flatter city bikes can genuinely struggle with. Both of these elements combine to provide a near best-in-show bike that is flexible, affordable, and durable in a way that foldable models rarely are.

What makes it special for commuters?

One of the biggest issues for city-based cyclers isn’t getting to work, but what you do with your bike once you’ve arrived. Choosing a foldable model means that you have a reliable, space-friendly option when it comes to storage and handling. Once folded, the final dimensions are 565mm × 545mm × 250mm, with many models weighing between 8 – 13kg including extras. This makes them perfect for commuting on the tube, bringing through the doors of an office, or managing the workday crush. And - once you know what you’re doing – a Brompton can be collapsed or reassembled in less than 30 seconds; massively reducing the time and stress of putting your ride together in English weather or on a crowded footpath.

Why pay more?

Compared to other foldable models, Brompton bikes come out at the higher end of the scale. While it may be tempting to consider saving money and choosing an inferior alternative make of foldable bike, this often proves to be a false economy. Regular use can put heavy strain on collapsible parts and result in damage, discomfort, and accidents. Brompton bikes are not only the most ergonomically comfortable bicycle on the market, but they are notoriously hard-wearing – making them perfect for the most demanding schedules.

If you want to learn more about the L5 or Brompton’s current range, you can check out our current range here. Or, if you have further questions about a specific type of Brompton bike for sale, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly and let us know exactly what you need.