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A staple of British cycling culture for over 40 years, Brompton bikes are an iconic presence on the streets of London and further afield. Combining world-class design with an affordable price-point, a Brompton is a perfect choice for riders of any background looking for both performance and convenience.

But who are Brompton as a brand and why does their design continue to take the market by storm?

Who are Brompton?

Founded in 1876, Brompton bikes were created by Andrew Ritchie, a Cambridge educated engineer. Based out of Greenford in London, a Brompton’s foldable design helps pedestrians quickly transition from on-foot travel to public transport in the city – making bike-riding possible for a wide range of commuters.

This collapsible design called for a model that was lightweight, durable, portable, and reliable. This led Ritchie to work on a design that has been updated throughout the years – adding titanium elements and alloys. This allows them to be stored or travelled with in a wealth of ways, making them just as useful in the city as in the countryside or other challenging environments.

How does their design work?

Brompton’s design has remained broadly unchanged since their first models were assembled. Each bike is designed to fold from a full-sized bicycle to a 585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm wide size. Any Brompton can be folded up quickly and easily through a simple four-step process.

First the rider brings the rear-wheel under the Brompton bike by pressing a secure locking clasp just underneath the seat pillar, causing the wheel to ‘swing’ into a locked position by raising the frame. Next, the hinge clamp is released on the main frame, bringing your front wheel into place beside your back wheel, securely locking it in. Next, you unclamp the handlebars of your Brompton folding bike – causing them to swing closed and fasten in place. All that is left is to repeat the same action for the seat, allowing the pillar to slide home and lock securely.

This leaves you with a locked and secured bike that can be carried or rolled on a small set of wheels. Once you understand how these processes work, folding and unfolding your bike quickly becomes second nature, with most users able to make the change in under 30 seconds.

What are some of Brompton’s latest developments?

One of the reasons why Bromptons hold their value is the highly modular nature of the bicycle. The company offers a custom-build service that allows customers to add elements to theirs bike such as hard-wearing bags, stylish satchels, high-capacity rear luggage, transport bags and more.

Advancements such as Brompton electric have also put the company back in the spotlight thanks to an integrated electric motor that can make uphill struggles a thing of the past. This can even be added to older models or be brought in as a key part of your modern bicycle build.

How can Flatout help?

With decades of models, finding the right Brompton bicycle can seem like an insurmountable challenge. This can be as simple as looking for a classic L3 or L5, a durable T5, or seeking out a versatile L3 6-speed for challenging urban rides.

With so many options available, it can be extremely difficult to find one that is truly right for you. If you want some guidance on Brompton’s range of current or former models, we are more than happy to provide guidance and walk you through our extensive current range. Or, if you can’t find what you need online, you can get in touch with our team directly and let us find what bike is the perfect fit for your current lifestyle.