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When it comes to picking out the right bike for you or your family, it’s essential to ensure that you settle on one that fits your specific needs. Choosing a storied brand carries a ‘seal of approval’, with a great pedigree and a guarantee of quality. For many consumers, picking up a Giant bike is an absolute no-brainer, and a solid choice for a veteran cyclist and novice rider alike.

But who are Giant bikes and what models do they have that are worth taking a look at?

Who are Giant bikes?

Founded in Taichung, Taiwan in 1972 – Giant have a long running history of producing world-class bicycles at an affordable price point. As of 2018, the company sells its bikes in over fifty different countries and enjoys annual sales of 6.6 million models– making it the world’s largest bike seller and a household name across the world.

What bikes do they sell?

Giant’s identity comes from the Taiwan’s rich cycling history, with the company selling models that are fit for regular personal use and high-end models for buyers with a bigger budget. From 2008 the company began to carve out a niche for women’s bicycles under their Liv line – going the extra mile to research and listen to their customer-base and making meaningful, positive improvements. This has made the women's Giant bike the gold standard for modern riders and perfect if you’re looking for a model for adults or Giant kids bikes.

Like other brands on the market, Giant also produce a foldable model that can be perfect for urban use or packing up to travel on a long weekend. The company has also ploughed huge resource into specific innovations that improve the quality of life for users – including improved suspension, responsive handling, and using carbon-fibre frames to make their models more durable and lighter to carry.

At the moment, Giant bicycles enjoys five key ranges which include: on road models for urban riding, x- road models for urban and country riding, dedicated off-road makes for demanding environments, their dedicated Youth range and their popular e-bikes for energy efficient electric-powered transport. And with striking custom designs like the organic beauty of Giant gloss, it’s easy to find a bike that’s as fun to look at as it is to ride

The latest range

Their 2019 range includes some interesting models

The Giant Contend: A solid aluminium frame road bike, perfect for urban riders.

The Giant Defy: For those that spend more of their time on the road, the Defy is a durable ride that places comfort first – making it perfect for Deliveroo riders and fitness enthusiasts alike.

The Giant Hybrid: If you enjoy a daily commute and a weekend off-road ride, this bike is perfectly placed to make the most out of your workday needs and weekend hobbies.

It’s also worth taking a look at their Giant Power Pro add-on that uses the turning of the wheels to generate power for a usb charger, letting you top up your portable battery pack or smart device.

If you want to learn more about our current range of Giant models, from the classic 2007 Vida to more modern makes, you can check out our full updated catalogue. Or if you have any questions about Giant bikes for sale or which model would be right for you, please get in touch and let our team know what you need to make the right purchase.