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First founded in 1979, GT bikes are part of Canada’s long legacy of bicycle manufacturing. Owned by Dorel – who also market outstanding lines like Cannondale, Schwinn, Roadmaster, and more – GT specialise in the production of world-class mountain bikes.

Combining exceptional value with high-grade quality, GT continue to hold their spot as a market-leading company. Adaptable to all kinds of ride, GT offers you great versatility for modern riding – letting you handle challenging and calm terrain with ease.

What types of bikes do GT cycles make?

Focusing on exceptional quality mountain bikes, GT pioneered the now iconic triple triangle design for their rides – providing a strong and stable base and helping with shock absorption – attaching at the tube top rather than seat. This allows for a perfect centre of gravity and provides the unique stable feel GT models are famous for.

Why are GT bikes so popular?

Along with the cultural cache that surrounds them, GT are essentially famous for producing solid bicycles straight out of the gate. Gt cycles combine thinness, lightness, and outstanding durability; with the company considered pioneers when it came to aerodynamics. This allowed for improved handling and a lithe ability to carve their way down slopes and navigate the most punishing terrain indoors and out.

What models of GT bikes are in demand?

When it comes to their outstanding brands, several are worth mentioning. Firstly, there is the iconic LTS that made such an impression when it first appeared in the mid-90’s. Other notable models include the fantastic entry level Avalanche that can easily be customised to accommodate your skill level. And the Ruckus line’s low profile tyres make it perfect for negotiating the most challenging of environments, with the Ruckus DJ proving to be a particular standout when it comes to going on an adventure.

What are the benefits of GT bikes?

If you are looking for resilience, quality, and a genuine pedigree – you’ll have it with GT.  While their teams have long-established their quality to the highest of professional standards, the company constantly innovates and refines their products – with their core line-up adding small incremental improvements with each release while still retaining the character of the parent model.

This makes them perfect for novices looking to get into mountain biking for the first time and seasoned professionals hunting the right frame, parts, and configuration to match their talents.

How can Flat Out Cycles help someone who is looking for a GT bicycle?

If you’re looking to source a new piece of kit, GT bicycles, are the perfect place to start – if you’re looking to locate the perfect vintage model, arrange a trade, or locate a brand new bicycle; Flatout cycles are perfectly placed to find the right model for your unique needs. With many years of experience sourcing bicycles, you can view our online catalogue in full on our website. And - if you have any questions or queries –  please do not hesitate to contact us directly and let our team know exactly what you need.