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ABOUT Bianchi Bikes

The world’s oldest bike manufacturer, Bianchi bike is a rightful legend in the world of cycling. Established in 1885 in Milan, Italy, Bianchi has contributed to the bike being proclaimed as mans most perfected invention. In terms of performance, Bianchi bikes has been the most trusted partner of bike racing legends like Coppi, Pantani, and Gimondi and boast over 10 Grand Tour victories on its sleeve. Whether it’s a focused long distance road cycle, track cycling, cyclocross, mountain biking or cycle speedway among others, Bianchi offers premium pure-bred race machines that meet the needs of athletes and enthusiasts to bring out the best in you.
Pioneering Technology of Bianchi bicycles
As a front runner in bike technology, Bianchi was the first to introduce the use of equal-sized wheels and air-filled tires, which today has become the standard for bikes. Bianchi bicycles took this knowledge a bit further in the recreation of Bianchi road bikes.  To achieve better efficiency, Bianchi road bikes are designed to be conveniently customised. The wheels and frames of the Bianchi bike can be modified to be in proportion with its rider without sacrificing design and handling and to achieve the best fit and comfort while riding.  On the other hand, the pneumatic rubber tires which feature inner tubes containing compressed air has significantly made bikes more comfortable and safe to ride. Bianchi was also one of the first to adopt the Cambio Corsa derailleur, which allowed riders to conveniently change gears while riding the bike that has revolutionized bike racing. Unlike before when the cyclist needs to stop, alight and toss the wheel to change gears, this technology allowed them to change gears while in motion. This is especially important when experiencing rough terrains on a Bianchi mountain bike.  These major three bike innovations have characterized Bianchi as the leading innovator in the cycling industry.
Continuing product driven technology
Following its innovative culture and heritage, Bianchi continues with its tradition by focusing on material technology.  Adhering to the belief that the frame is the heart of the bicycle, it has recently patented the viscoelastic material countervail aimed to deliver superb riding quality by keeping the bike light yet steady.  This material is entrenched within a distinct carbon alloy that instantaneously eases vibration to diminish muscle exhaustion while doing long distance rides. Moreover,  Bianchi mountain bikes now come with components and accessories specifically designed to ergonomically meet the requirements of the riders, to allow them to attain the optimal riding stance that best decreases stress to neck and arms, while maintaining a balanced geometry for full stability and control. Finally, Bianchi road bikes combine substance and performance with style.  It is also credited with its most distinctive colour scheme known as the Bianchi celeste. Whether it’s a Bianchi road bike or Bianchi mountain bike,  Bianchi bicycles has provided one of the most truly comprehensive benefits to humanity which continuously remains relevant to our needs in terms of transportation, health and wellbeing, recreation and lately, environmental impact and congestion.