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Unsure on Electric Bikes? Read our information below

Want To Step Up Your Electric Bike? You Need To Read This First The number of bicycles in recent decades has seen an exponential growth. Traditional bikes have always been favourite. Bicycles have many advantages over other forms of short or medium distance travel. And in recent years electric bike use has grown dramatically. Electric bikes have made an impact on users in a big way. Electric bikes are free from the restrictions of any normal bike design. E-bikes designs have come a long way since its inception. E-bikes come in a long range of variety from cargo bikes to mountain bikes, city bikes to messenger bikes, road bikes and beach bikes also. The thing is that if you can think of a bike type then you should assume it’s there in the market. Electric bikes cater to every type of customer so you shouldn’t be worried about your need. Every electric bike has an electric motor which provides the bike propulsion partially or completely. You can use the pedal also while using an e-bike. The pedal is used to provide some momentum to the bike and the rest of the propulsion is provided by the built-in electric motor. The typical electric engine of an electric bicycle ranges from 150W to 1000W. The typical weight of the e-bikes is around the 40kg and some of them can be heavier, it depends on the model, design, and maker of the bike. Every newbie to the e-bikes is trying to figure out what kind of electric bicycle is good for them. Even if you have inadvertently stumbled upon this article and want to know more about e-bikes, we are going to talk about the pros and cons and where to look for or what to look for while purchasing an e-bike.
Why someone needs an electric bike?
The electric bikes have the same features as your traditional bicycles and that extra electric motor. With e-bikes, you don’t even require a license as you would need in its alternate motorbikes. With e-bikes, your health can be improved and it is also a good way to reconnect with your community. Electric bikes come for various purposes including mountain bikes. Electric mountain bikes have an edge over traditional bikes for hill climbing. It can help you when you are stuck in extreme wind conditions. For people who are not that physically fit and suffering from some diseases, the electric road bikes are the way to go because they don’t require you to physically exert yourself. In the sport of cycling, you might join your friend or convince them to go on a ride with you if you have an electric bike. Otherwise traditional bikes require a lot of effort and energy to ride. Electric road bikes remove the various challenges people face when riding traditional bikes. But sometimes electric bikes can be painful for you when your battery runs out and you have to manually pedal the bicycle. For manual mode, electric bikes are too heavy to ride as they have more material than traditional bikes.
Electric Road bikes
Electric road bikes typically refer to the electric bikes which are best for the urban areas. The bikes in this category should be best at the typical town needs like going to one place from another. The urban area electric bikes are used basically for the office from home or home from the office. You might use it to roam around the town and buy some vegetables for yourself.
Electric Mountain bikes
This category represents the trekking bikes. These electric bikes are specially designed for the mountains and their motor and tyres should be durable and capable of handling the rocky terrain. Electric mountain bikes are very special as most of the professionals choose these bikes. The professional bikers choose electric bikes over traditional bikes because it is easier to trek around the mountain with the help of the electric motor. So you don’t have to exhaust yourself to climb a mountain. Generally, there are many types of e-bikes available to use but the most common are listed here. These are the ones which are most used or easily available. Factory bikes – Factory bikes generally refers to the electric bikes which are assembled in the factory by a company. These factory bikes have a specific frame design and particular of a bike. The special battery mount is also designed for these factory bikes. Independently assembled – These are like the normal bikes which are available on the market and converted to electric bikes by adding the extra parts by hand. The extra parts of the bikes include the motor, charger, battery, speed controller and control unit. This type of bike can be assembled in a few hours however it depends on the technician as to how long it will take. This type of bike is very easy to repair for yourself as you would already know how to repair.
Pros and cons of the Electric Bikes
Every product from the history of mankind has some pros and cons. Every product can be perfect for someone but not for everyone. But before diving into the pros and cons of the electric bikes here is a bonus fact for you guys. Did you know the interest in electric bikes arose as early as 1990? But it was not to be until the development of the lithium-ion batteries. The high power electric motor was also not developed at that time and the concept of the electric bike was not realized at the time. In the US the interest in electric bikes peaked at the highest again in 2002. Some early adopters of the electric bike were China and Japan as early as 1998. The production of e-bikes has been dominated by North America, China, and the Netherlands. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the electric bike. Well, the electric bikes have far more pro than cons. But anyway we are going to look at them.
Here are some pros of the Electric bikes. Perfect for Urban areas – Urban areas are the perfect example of the utilization of e-bikes. In every urban area, consumers need to travel only a couple of kilometers in the town. And electric bikes are a perfect fit for that. Having an e-bike you don’t need to wait around for the bus or cab you can choose your convenient time to travel from the house or office. With electric road bikes, the traffic jams are very easy to navigate just because it takes much less space than the commercial vehicles. With electric bikes, you can travel the long distance in a shorter period of time. Healthy for everyone – The electric bikes has a certain advantage over the motorbikes. And in the past, at the time of motorbike evolution, motorbikes were preferred rather than the car for shorter distances.  And now the e-bikes are the perfect replacement for the traditional motorbikes. These e-bikes are healthy for every consumer. The e-bikes do not emit any kind of pollution as was the case in motorbikes. Simply put e-bikes are making earth a better place. Best for Senior citizens or physically disabled people – The e-bikes can be set to no peddling and can run on battery alone. This makes it a good prospect for the senior citizens or physically disabled people to ride them very easily. Faster travel – E-bikes are run by the electric motor so they allow you to travel faster than the normal bikes and help you reach your destination a bit earlier than usual. Easy for uphill roads – When you are traveling towards a steep road or going up a mountain the e-bikes will not disappoint you. E-bikes won’t exhaust you by peddling more than usual. It is the USP of e-bikes to make mountain biking very easy. Easy to maintain – Every type of vehicle needs maintenance in some way or another. The e-bikes are free from the tax or insurance. But the usual wear and tear will happen to your e-bikes and you have to look after that. Easy to peddle – Even when you run out of battery midway you can still peddle your way home. It won’t be easy but you have the option of peddling in case anything goes wrong. Mobility and versatility – Everyone knows that e-bikes provide users with mobility and versatility as these bikes can be taken to off track, dirt, mountains or snow. The e-bikes are perfect for every obstacle that comes its way.
There are very few cons of e-bikes but we’ll list them also. Here are the cons of e-bikes. It’s heavy – The e-bikes are heavier than standard bikes due to their design and equipment installed on them. This makes it difficult to store somewhere; you’ll find it difficult to carry it upstairs. Battery – You need to take the battery off and charge it every night to use it in the morning and if you forget about it somehow then you’re done for the next day. Either you’d have to take a bus or a cab to reach your office the next day. The battery of a normal e-bike can stretch for around 50 to 75 kilometers depending on the capacity and model of the bike. If your battery runs out mid-ride then you are in real trouble as you’d have to peddle the bicycle and it is so heavy that it will drain you. (Pro tip – don’t forget to charge your battery every night) Rain – Rain is a big factor for e-bikes, there are electronic components installed in the bike so it is obvious that water is not good for it. So you won’t be able to park it outside in the rain. Speed – Some countries have imposed the speed limit for these e-bikes. And sometimes when you are going downhill on the e-bike you may not be able to control the speed of the bike. Cost – These e-bikes are expensive for a normal user. It is nearly double the price of the standard bike. They are expensive to buy so obviously they are more expensive to rent and your dream of riding an e-bike on vacation may not realise. These are the pros and cons of the electric bikes. Here we have seen more pros than cons in electric bikes. We can assess after this that electric bikes are the future and they are here to stay for a long time.
Do you need an expert? Or you could choose a DIY approach for maintenance
Now you might be wondering after purchasing an e-bike about where to go when you need repairs. It is recommended that you buy the e-bikes from your local market because it would be easy for you to take it for repairs. Each factory bike is properly sealed and the official sellers have the right tools and proper knowledge to repair the product. Well, we know that electric bikes are meant to be a faster mode of travel. So with the faster speed and further use, you might see some wear and tear to your bike. Some small wear and tear can be repaired by the user but things like the batteries, computer systems, and throttles can be problematic for consumers. To repair these you need an expert in the systems and the design of the product. So it is wise to take your bike to the official repair shop and get it done by the certified technician to avoid damage to your bike.
Final Words
Electric bikes are extraordinary because they tend to give humans the relaxation they need. When comparing it to the other counterparts we can clearly see there are some definite advantages. When you consider the downsides of electric bikes, the bikes are still relevant and useful for us. So go out and try an e-bike today. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by the feel of the electric bikes.