Buying, Selling and Exchanging Bikes


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Are you looking for a great place to buy, sell or exchange bikes? If so, Flatout is the ideal platform for you. We can help you whether you want to buy, sell or trade bikes, and we do everything in our power to deliver the most efficient and dependable service possible.

We provide a simple and convenient service that enables buyers to simply complete a short form to tell us about the kind of bike they want to purchase. Once a buyer has done this, their interest is registered with a network of UK cycle dealers. This service is designed to take the stress and strain out of purchasing a bike, and buyers even have the chance to part-exchange their old bike as well.

There are so many great reasons for buying a new bike, and we are confident that we have you covered no matter what your tastes and preferences are. Buying through other platforms such as Facebook or eBay can sometimes be a bit risky but at Flatout, we do all we can to remove the risk from purchasing a bike to optimise the chances of everything going as smoothly as you need it to. We live, sleep, eat and breath bikes so getting this right is really important to us.


Leading ‘sell my bike’ services

Selling your bike is a very simple process when you do it through our service. You only need to complete a short form to get your bike valued, and once you are happy with the valuation and want to go ahead, the process couldn’t be easier.

In this guide, we will cover a whole host of topics related to buying, selling and exchanging bikes with Flatout. These include the benefits of buying, selling or exchanging your bike, how to make your bike attractive to buyers, what happens during the buying and selling process and the advantages of using our service such as the convenience and quick valuations on offer. We will also talk about the benefits attached to part-exchanging a bike and what can happen to bikes once they are part-exchanged.

At Flatout, we provide a modern, efficient marketplace, working with partner bike dealers across the UK to help you get the best possible value. 


Buying a Bike

If you are interested in buying a bike via our service, you need to take the following simple steps: 

    • Complete a short form
    • Provide details on the preferred bike, model, frame size, colour and condition 
    • Sit back and wait for our UK cycle dealers to get in touch with you
    • Get the option of part-exchanging your old bike

People buy new bikes for all sorts of reasons. Some people purchase them because they want to get fit after a long period of inactivity, whilst others look for new bikes to replace old ones that have seen better days. You may wish to invest in a bigger and better bike than the one you currently have to optimise your cycling experience or may need something more powerful to compete in contests, races or other challenges. Whatever your reason for seeking a new bike, we are very confident that we can help you find something that really meets your criteria, at the right price. 

A great reason for buying a new bike is so you can sell your old one before its value declines. New bikes are added to the market all the time, and the launch of new ones can cause the value of existing ones to fall. This means you may need to act quickly if you do wish to get as much value as possible from your current bike.

You may also have waited a long time to cover the cost of the bike that you want and are now finally in a position to purchase it or you may need something that will help you reach the fitness level you are aiming for. Other common reasons for buying a new bike include to save money on transport or going to the gym, to get something more suitable for your local roads or to benefit from the latest and technology and features. Or you may simply be a bike fanatic and need to have the latest model that has all the features you desire. We cater for everybody – the casual buyer, the fitness seekers and the died-in-the-wool bike enthusiasts. You can include us in the latter!


Cut the risks of buying bikes online

Many customers use our service when they don’t want to face the risks attached to using services such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Though these services can seem very convenient and can offer a wide range of bikes, many people have had their fingers burned due to the lack of buyer protection available. Nonetheless, there are many advantages attached to purchasing a bike online. When you do buy online, you can choose from a greater range of styles, sizes, colours and prices, and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to get access to your new purchase. Our platform will guide you every step of the way with its intuitive design and ease of navigation.


A trusted source for quality bikes

One of the best ways to make sure you’ll be happy with the bike that you purchase is to obtain it from a reputable source. At Flatout, we only work with the UK’s most trustworthy high-quality cycle dealers, which vastly reduces the chances of buying a bike that simply isn’t up to scratch. We advise you to think long and hard about what kind of bike you want before you start your search. There are so many different options available to you, and what’s right for occasional cyclists won’t be the right choice for someone who cites cycling as their biggest passion.

You need to think about how often you will be using the bike, where you will be travelling to, the kind of terrain you will be cycling across and more. You will also need to find out what the best size and fit for your needs is.

There are many steps that you can take to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible on a new bike. Don’t rush into simply buying the first bike you see – do your research, decide which features you require and ask an expert for advice if you need to. If you do make a hasty purchase, you are far more likely to regret it than if you look at a number of options and slowly whittle down your choices.

Be clear on what your budget is and get the best bike that you can afford. The internet and magazines are great sources for bike reviews which can give you in-depth information on what to expect from the cycling experience. Try to find out what the bike normally sells for to avoid paying over the odds. There’s no point paying for features that you will not need, but try not to miss out on any features that you think you will require. Many people draw up a shortlist of around five bikes before they start seeking out the best deals available to them.

Whenever possible, make sure you take a test ride before you hand over your cash. Don’t be afraid to ask what you might consider basic questions, as the answers can be the difference between being happy with your purchase and regretting it. Our advice is to try to stick to trusted, well-known brands when purchasing a bike. Reputations have to be earned and the more well-known brands tend to stand the test of time.


Selling a Bike

We offer a simple process for anyone wishing to sell a bike online. If you do wish to use our services to sell your bike, simply take the following steps: 

    • Complete our short form
    • Receive a prompt valuation of your bike 
    • Confirm you agree with the valuation 
    • Send the item or drop it off at a local eligible bike store 
    • Our partner CycleSent can provide an easy shipping facility 

When you sell your used bike you can get cash for it rather than simply disposing of it and receiving nothing in return. Selling your bike is also great for the environment as it stops it being sent to landfill.


Making your bike irresistible to buyers

One of the best ways to enhance your chances of selling your bike is to clean it and showcase it in the best light possible. Make sure you can provide buyers with as much information about your bike as possible so they can shop with confidence.

There are many advantages attached to the process that we offer to sellers. Our process eliminates effort, offers instant valuations and is one of the most convenient methods of selling your bike around. 

There are four different ratings available that you can select for your bike. It’s very important to get this right as they can be a primary influence on the value of the bike. 

Here are the ratings:

A: New or as new, with no mechanical or aesthetic defects

B: In good mechanical and aesthetic condition 

C: In working order and average aesthetic condition 

D: Below average. Well-worn with some issues. 

We will guide you through the shipping process when you sell your bike through our service. You will be given the option of dropping your bike in store or shipping. Should you wish to ship the bike yourself, you can print out the valuation details and include them in your shipment. If you’d rather not do this, you can use the service offered by our partner CycleSent, who will provide you with a bicycle box and packaging.

CycleSent will ask you for all the relevant shipping information that they need, including your valuation details. These details tell the receiver whose bike they have just received. You will need to provide proof of ownership, with the receiver running a theft check once the bike arrives on their premises. 


Bicycle Part Exchange

Our services allow you to part-exchange your old bike in order to purchase a new one. We can provide you with part-exchange offers not only from ourselves but our network of partner dealers too. This is the streamlined service that we offer -  

    • Receive offers from Flatout and our dealers
    • Choose the best offer 
    • Drop off your bike and ship it to us or take it to the store when you purchase your new bike


What are the benefits of getting a brand new bike?

There are so many benefits attached to buying a new bike. Purchasing a new bike can mark the start of a new health regime, can help you make the most of the latest features and facilities, can help you upgrade your cycling experience and make you more competitive in races and other events.

Some people buy new bikes so they can sell their existing ones before they fall in value. New bikes are constantly being released, and older bikes tend to drop in value every time a wave of new ones hits the market. 

Buying a new bike can even save you money. It can help you avoid the costs attached to running a car or using public transport to get around. A quality bike can help you keep fit without needing to fork out for a gym membership, You may also be seeking a bike suitable for certain types of terrain or have found that your old bike is uneconomical to repair.

Many people save up for a long period of time to get their hands on the bike they’ve always dreamed of. Whatever you are looking for in a bike, you have a great chance of purchasing one that really ticks your boxes when you use our service.


Cut your carbon footprint by part-exchanging your bike

The benefits of part-exchanging your old bike are numerous. When you part-exchange your old model, you can cut the cost of a new one and avoid sending the existing bike to landfill. Even if your old bike is in a poor condition, you may still be able to get more for it than you would if you took it to a scrapyard.

Many different positive things can happen to bikes once they have been part-exchanged, with several being refurbished or broken down so their valuable parts can be re-used and recycled.

Another great reason for part-exchanging your bike rather than selling it independently is that it can save you a great deal of time. When you part-exchange your bike, you don’t have to list it or make time for viewings.


The part-exchange process

If you do want to part-exchange your bike, you simply need to complete the part-exchange form on our website. Once you have done this, you will be given a valuation for your old bike and be offered various deals. There are no restrictions on which offer you accept.

With our help, you can have your old bike collected from your home and have its replacement handed over at your door. The other method is to take your old bike to one of our trade-in partner stores so they can tell you what the part-exchange value is against your new bike.


How our service benefits you

At Flatout, we have partnered up with bicycle stores across the country that share our vision and passion for great customer service. We aim to make the process of buying, selling and exchanging a bike as simple as possible. We have chosen our partners with great care, with each partner aiming to compete with some of the largest online retailers around.

Our customer network is incredibly diverse and includes cyclists who regularly exchange their bikes as well as those who always require the latest road and mountain bikes. It’s so easy to trade in at our partner stores, so this could be a great option for you if you want to avoid the hassle of selling your bike and want to upgrade.


How our service benefits our key partners

Customers come to our site seeking bicycles, parts, accessories and more. This generates leads for our partners and enables them to win more custom. The dealership portal provided to our partners makes a huge amount of customer leads visible to them. Our partners can then send their best offers through to our customers, meaning everyone benefits. Our service is built around making part-exchanges, purchases and sales easier for our customers and partners.


Why choose us?

Our service was designed to revolutionise the way people buy, sell and part-exchange bikes. Our customers love the way that our service allows them to compare deals so easily and helps them to source the cycles that the desire at the right price. Customers don’t need to haggle or fret about hidden costs and can rest assured that we do all we can to get them the best prices possible, whether they’re seeking a new bike or swapping their old one for cash or another cycle. 

We currently have a 9.7/10 rating on Trustpilot and can remove all the hassle from the process of purchasing, selling or part-exchanging a bike. What’s more is that we are able to direct you to some of the most competitive rates on the market, providing instant valuations to give you the clarity and confidence that you require.


A stress-free solution

Our service is also designed to help customers overcome a whole host of issues they might face when looking for a new bike. Problems customers have commonly been met with when using other services include incorrectly listed stock, out-of-stock items, long delays once orders have been placed, trouble finding suitable bikes and parts and unsuitable finance options.

Our service was created to help our customers source the ideal cycles for their needs, compare offers from dealers across the country without needing to haggle and to offer a whole host of delivery and finance options. Customers can get the best deals for their needs whenever they are ready and remain totally in control, free to respond and accept the right deal at the best time. The ability to buy directly from the dealer is another big draw for a large number of our customers.


Getting in touch

The concept of our business was first created in a garage in 2011, and we have now evolved and expanded to become one of the most reputable and popular comparison and exchange platforms on the market. We are the go-to site for buying, selling and exchanging bikes and we always listen to our customers so that we can implement customer-led improvements. If you have any feedback about the service we offer or how our site can improve, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch if you have any questions, need advice or want to give us your views on how we can refine our service.